.....The Jones Cemetery (Coordinates: N38°07.988' W83°34.456') seems to have had its beginning with the burial of Major John McIntire in March of 1826. The inscription on his grave stone reads, “He was one among the first settlers of Ky and for 14 years fought for the liberties we now enjoy”. Many in the years since, some of which are also buried here, have defended these liberties. Veterans buried here include those that served in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the War of 1812, the Spanish - American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, as well as others that served during times of peace. They include military personnel that served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.


.....It is thought, although I am unable to verify this information, that R.N. Jones gave the hill for the cemetery. More land was again donated some years later by Wm. Henry Thomas, and again by the Austa Fraley family on July 17, 1985. In 1985, Bill McKenzie, Charles Ray McKenzie, and Jack Omohundro put in motion their idea of creating a cemetery improvement organization. On June 13, 1985, a not-for-profit organization called the Jones Cemetery Improvement Association (JCIA) was formed and Bill became its first president. These three, along with several other volunteers, got the cemetery cleaned up and started collecting donations in order to reach the association’s number one goal; to collect enough money to establish perpetual care. Bill, Charles Ray, and Jack have since passed away but their work continues today by a few volunteers who accept no pay in order that the goal of perpetual care will someday be reached.

The current officers of the JCIA are:

Steve Swim – President
Rhonda Swim - Secretary
Rick Omohundro – Treasurer & Webmaster
Mike McKenzie – Overseer

It is to Bill McKenzie, Charles R. McKenzie, Jack Omohundro, and all the veterans, who deserve our utmost gratitude, that I dedicate this website. I want to give a special thanks to Brandon Omohundro for designing this site for the Association and to Rhonda Swim for her many hours of research that went into this project.